Sooner Pearl old sign
Some say organized racing in Oklahoma began near Shawnee Oklahoma back in 1973. Does the name Cash Matthews ring a bell?
Until we have more data all info will appear on this page.
Currently information will be pre 2002 but some later will start to appear as we build. If you would like to contribute contact

Years gone by but not forgotten.
The story begins in 1980 and goes from there. "Old School BMX'er"

What were you doing in the Spring of '82? Steve Clymer started his BMX career. See what he remembers of Trosper BMX

Many would recognize the name Charlie Long. While researching Trosper BMX on the web we came across these tidbits posted by none other than Charlie. Thank you!
Charlie Long

If you were around for the Grands in 1995 you would have seen this ABA banner in Oklahoma City.
1995_ABA_GRANDS (60K)

In 1996 ABA changed to a different banner design.
1996_ABA_RACING (60K)
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