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All Pictures are used by permission only.

All pictures are Copyrighted by their respective photographer, any reproduction is PROHIBITED without the Photographers PERMISSION.

For more information contact Richard Axtell at

Please be patient when viewing the pages and pictures as some will take time to download particularly long times if you are using a 'dial-up' account along with an older modem with speeds under 56k. Each page has many graphic images along with 'thumbnails of the pictures'. To view the large version of a thumbnail click on the 'VIEW' button under each thumbnail. All pictures posted here are 40% their normal size and file sizes range from 38k to 137k in size.

The original scans of these pictures are available (quite large files, some 400k+) upon request however they will not posted here due to space limitations. For more information contact Richard Axtell at about the unedited original digital copies or scans of the unedited printed pictures.


The format of the pictures has changed in 2003 we will no longer name each picture or show the photographers initials.
All picture prior to 2003 still use the old format. The picture name contains the 'subject' followed with an _(underline character) followed by the 'photographers initials' followed by the 'date'. All pictures files are .jpg file type and very little compression is used to resize the images. Current photographers initial index is below.

If you have pictures you would like to see on this site contact Ricky or Richard Axtell at the track or email Richard at
 Photo Index
Current Photographers Initial index
ts=Tim Schreiber   mk=Mark Krienke   rw=Ray Wright   dk=Debbie King   aa=Angela Axtell   ra=Richard Axtell   bf=Bob Freels
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