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The Raceway
Sooner Pearl BMX Raceway as of December 15th 2007 will be located in Trosper Park 2559 SE Grand Boulevard in Oklahoma City. Construction of the new track at Trosper Park is scheduled to begin January 2008. The Trosper Park location is comparable to our original location on South Western Avenue (about 15 acres). Trosper Park is also the location of a former ABA BMX track which closed back in the mid 80's just prior to the opening of Sooner Pearl BMX in 1987.

Our relocation (back) to Trosper Park will open a new chapter in the rich history of ABA BMX in Oklahoma. The 21st year of operation will prove to be a groundbreaking year in many ways. The move to Trosper Park was due to the relocation of Interstate 40 in Oklahoma City. The new highway will be built within feet of the old South Western location. Since our old facility was located in the path of the new highway we are being relocated with the help of the Oklahoma City Parks & Recreation Department, Oklahoma City Riverfront Redevelopment Authority, Coates Field Service, Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

Originally located in the String of Pearls Parks which are along the Oklahoma River in Oklahoma City, just south of Interstate I-40.

Sooner Pearl BMX Raceway was opened in 1987 and is the premier ABA track in Central Oklahoma. In operation continuously since 1987 there have been many local riders which have participated in ABA sanctioned racing. There are no fees to pay to watch racing or practice sessions or park at the track making this is a very affordable recreational activity.

ABA BMX racing
ABA BMX is one of the fastest growing sports today, it is very competitive and everyone gets a chance to participate, there are 'no bench warmers' here. Riders of all age groups are welcome and races are grouped according to age and experience. Riders experience many good things racing which helps to build self-esteem, self confidence, good health, competition, interaction with other riders, parents and officials. Riders also learn concentration, dedication and they set a good example for others in the community. ABA BMX helps to build communities with their members and help to make the community a better place. Visit the web site for more information.

The ABA Members
Sooner Pearl BMX Raceway is an ABA member track. Riders must follow ABA rules at the track and all ABA required safety equipment must be used to race in sanctioned races and during practice sessions. Anyone who wants to register for an ABA membership may do so at the track concession stand. Memberships are available for individual riders and entire families. Please see for current membership prices.

Oklahoma BMX Parents Association
The Oklahoma BMX Parents Association is a 'not for profit' organization managing the Sooner Pearl BMX Raceway. The group contains local ABA members, racer's parent and other individuals interested in ABA BMX racing. Meetings are held at the track during regular race or practice sessions or at other locations (location will be posted here or on the recorder at the track, click HERE for the number) and most meetings are open to the public. For information about becoming a member of this association contact The Oklahoma BMX Parents Association strives to maintain a drug free, entertaining, clean race track with the riders safety in mind.

Oklahoma BMX Parents Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 2317
Oklahoma City, OK 73101-2317
Track (405) 235-3602
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