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Word has been spreading.
The start of a new year brings changes to each ABA track. This year is no exception here at Sooner Pearl BMX and all other ABA tracks. The BIG NEW item we have to talk about is a new program by ABA which can be used for a FREE One day ABA membership. This may not sound like much to seasoned riders but there are many who would like to try BMX and can't justify the yearly membership fee for a rider who may want to try BMX. Or it could be the way to open a door on a childs life to sports and becoming a better person.

What Sooner Pearl BMX wants to do is welcome new people to the track. Allow potential riders to learn a few basics of racing and have a chance to race for a handful of dollars. What child who wants to try could pass this new opportunity. Fill out an application, get a bike inspection, learn basic riding techniques, get a few gates and some practice then it is off to the races they go.

Here are the real important rules.

This membership is FREE.
Good for 1 day only.
Only 1 application per year per rider.
All ABA rules apply.
All races fees apply.
Same awards as Regular ABA member.
Riders under 18 yrs need to bring a parent.
Arrive a least 1 hour prior to the beginning of Sign up time for event.

Where would you like to start?
For more on the 1 DAY MEMBERSHIP (.pdf file)
read below, for information on BMX look at the following links:

MORE information on FREE Membership
A FREE Membership application can be used for a SINGLE day of BMX action. Come to the track, go to our Concession building and ask for a copy of the FREE Membership application. Fill out the application and hand it back to someone at the Concession building. This will get the process started. What do you or the rider get for this you may ask. This entitles a person to become a part of this sport for ONE DAY, to be just like our regular riders who race at our track much of each year. Our insurance will cover the rider, they will be treated as 'one of us' and receive everything our riders get except POINTS. We use POINTS to determine many things in BMX, what number is used on a bike is an example. The more District points and rider has the LOWER the number on his/her number plate displayed on each bike at a race.

If you have more questions you can always contact us.
Call and leave a message and contact number at (405) 235-3602.
Come to the track on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Sundays during a Practice or Race.
Email us at:Info on FREE Membership

ABA BMX Since 1987

821 S. Western
Oklahoma City, OK

Tuesday 6:30-8:30pm

1st Tuesday of month
Sign Ups 6-7pm
Thursday 6-7pm
Sunday 1-2pm

Check HOT NEWS often as we have SPECIAL EVENTS during the year and you can find out the latest HOT NEWS.


Sooner Pearl BMX

Redline Cup Qualifier
July 4th 2005
Sign ups: noon-1:30pm
Entry Fee: $30 Class & Cruiser

Race for Life
July 16th 2005
Sign Ups 2-3:30pm Entry Fee: $10 Class & Cruiser

State Qualifier
July 17th 2005
Sign Ups 10-11:30am Entry Fee: $20 Class & Cruiser

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