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HOT NEWS Archived Posts
Date 6-30-2002 to 2-20-2002 with the newest at the top of the page.

Races Today
Regular scheduled racing today.
There was a good turn out for racing today. With riders in Little Rock for the 'Double, Double, Triple' weekend races we still managed to have races today. And in spite of the windy conditions the moto's were very competitive.
The track is in very good condition with the major drainage work completed. This work for major drainage may be tested tonight or in the morning since we had some very cloudy skies and a couple of light showers during the day. The temperature during races was very nice with the wind, without the wind it would have been in the 90's.

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HOT Racing
With the old race schedule back in place we raced tonight.
We had a very good turn out tonight. More work was underway around the track today before races. The track is continuing to attract more spectators and former ABA BMX members. Some now have children who are interested in riding and others are renewing their interest in racing.
Weather conditions were very good this evening with some wind and plenty of sunshine. Another fine day for racing with cloudless skies and temp's around 90 degrees.
The track again is in very good condition and with this spell of NO RAIN conditions should remain the same. The drainage work has nearly been completed with only another day or two work left.

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Burning Question
We have returned to our OLD RACE and PRACTICE SCHEDULE.
Riders interested in racing should be aware of this CHANGE. If you have any questions contact the track by phone (405.235.3602) or email at:
Good luck and see you the track.

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Practice tonight
Regular scheduled practice tonight.
We had a very good turn out for practice tonight. Work around the track today during practice. It was time to mingle with others today as many riders used practice time to get the current news from other local riders.
The track is in very good condition now and the major drainage work has for the most part been completed. There are plans in the works for more major work to be done on the first straight. We have planned to rework this area after our Red Line Qualifier in August.

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Waynoka for the Race for Life .
Riders interested in racing in Waynoka Sunday should stop by the tower today to get a map to the track. Due to the number of riders which are going to Waynoka we will NOT be RACING Sunday afternoon.
Good luck Sunday and we will see you in Waynoka.

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Work Day / Races
Volunteers are needed to work at the track.
Today will see more work on the second turn and the fencing around track. The fence in the second turn finish line area will see some action today. We should be completing the fence north of the tower this weekend. The cable around the track has been reworked and installed. This should be the end of 4 wheeled vehicles on the track. This is one more item that should lessen the destruction of the track surface by unwanted vandals.

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Today in the afternoon.
Today someone decided to decorate the track with toilet paper from the portable toilets and rocked one of the toilets on its side.
This evening saw more work on drainage for the second turn and the straight away coming out of the second turn. When this work is done we should have great drainage for this part of the track. With the drainage work already done and the planned drainage work we should have very few problems after when we get rain.

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Race For Life donations
Everyone should be PROUD.
This year we had a total of $1503.00 to donate to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society from the Race For Life. This was MUCH more than last year and more than many years Sooner Pearl has run a Race For Life. We want to thank everyone who worked hard to make this happen. Plans have already begun for next years race, lets make it better than ever!

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We had a great practice session this evening.
As we get deep into this season there is a new enthusiasm at the track. Since school has let out for the summer we have had many new riders signing up to race. Things are getting better and we see very bright times ahead at Sooner Pearl.
We are considering some further changes to the track, if you have any suggestions please let us know. We will look at all suggestions and plan the new lay out with YOUR suggestions in mind. Contact a OKBMX Board member with you ideas either via email or in person at the track.

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MOTO'S are posted!
Moto's and Race News has been posted from 5/30 to 06/07.
The moto's for the Race For Life and State Qualifier will be posted shortly.

We will have a OKBMXPA Meeting 06-18-2002
There will be a board meeting this Tuesday during our regularly scheduled practice session.
ALL board members are requested to attend. If you have an item which you want the board to consider please be ready to present it this Tuesday at the meeting.

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We will have races today!
The track is in fine shape and will be ready for racing today. Race sign-ups will be from 4-5pm with races shortly after.
This is a Track Work Day as most every Saturday will be for the near future. The condition of the area around the track is slowly getting better with the fences and major drainage work nearly completed. Landscaping these areas will be next on agenda for work.

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Another day, another wet track
Heavy rain last night left the track in a muddy condition today. Races had to be called off tonight. Most of the track looked to be in good shape this evening. There was however soft spots but not where we have had problems. The infield and in areas around the track had quite a bit of standing water. Most of this has been drained.

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Let's Race
The first night of the NEW RACE SCHEDULE. Another kind of destruction last night. Someone drove a small truck or car on the track. It seems some people enjoy destroying what some work to build. What a waste.
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The Practice
Tuesday practice was different this week there was change in the air. No, not coins flying in the air. Something is different when at the track. Our track has transformed into place to gather and have fun. Riding on the track is a fun thing. The riders are a gathering storm.
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There was again another attempted burglary at the track last night. Although after an inspection of the track of the buildings only minor damage occurred to the newest Mobile Mini container. The damage was repaired and some minor changes will be made for future attempts. We will be working closely with the IMPACT unit of the Oklahoma City Police to attempt to capture the individuals involved. More info will be posted about this subject later.
Practice for the D&K Team was cancelled tonight. We will have regular practice Tuesday as scheduled. This week will see the change in the RACE SCHEDULE begin.

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State Qualifier
There were a few surprised riders today at the track. After getting some fairly heavy rain last night the track was once again just a little soft in 1 spot. The bottom of the starting hill was the only problem we had today and this was worked on up until races started today. With partly cloudy skies and a strong south wind there was some drying going on all day. The temperature just a little bit warmer than we wanted and when we started the races today the soft spot was all but gone. There will be moto listings for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday posted soon. Some pictures taken Sunday will be posted soon. Some of the pictures came out really good so look at them, you may be in one of them.
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Race For Life
The track was in great shape today for the Race For Life. With a tremendous amount of work the track was very FAST today. We had a very good turn out of both riders and spectators today. With much help for some local companies and individuals we had our first Race For Life 50/50 Giveaway. We had thousands of dollars of prizes to give away to some luck people who donated money to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. What a great way to raise money and reward our loyal donors with nice prizes. We did not take pictures during the race but there will be a page here soon with info on the amount raised and what was given away. Some people have already came forward with donations for the race next year. We think todays race may start a great tradition in ABA BMX and will grow through the years. We want to THANK everyone who attended today and made this a day to remember for many both here at the track and for others who utilize the donations from YOU. THANK YOU!
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Beautiful weather and great track conditions.
More work on the track today before the races. The ower Rake had new parts added and was put to work today to smooth the track even further. Saturdays races should see some of the best track conditions this year. More fence went up today near the tower.

We should see many racers Saturday for the 'Race For Life'. Buy those 50/50 tickets to win thousands of dollars in GREAT PRIZES. THANKS to all the fine local companies which donated prizes for this fund raiser. You can't win if you don't buy those tickets! See you there!

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Hot Races Tonight
Tough racing tonight, the weekend will be killer.
With the rain came very good track conditions. The moisture helped to pack and smooth the track. Tonight there were a few soft spots on the track but not in the competition. If you miss the race nights this week you will miss some of the BEST racing this season.

Saturday June 8th Race For Life
The annual fund raiser for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Any rider is eligible to race with the proper Safety Equipment and a $10 race entry fee ($5 of the $10 entry fee is donated in the riders name).
 Call the track for more info.
You are invited to race or watch, have some fun and donate to a very good organization. This is a Double point race for ABA riders which means there should be many ABA riders competing.

Sunday June 9th State Champion Qualifier
One of only 3 State Qualifier races in Oklahoma. Many ABA riders will be racing Sunday for the double points and to qualify to race in the State Championship Races to be held later in the year.
 Call the track for more info.
You are invited to come and watch. Have some fun and watch ABA riders of all ages and from all over the south central USA compete. Don't miss these races!

There was an inspection of the track at 1am this morning. Although there are still a few soft spots around the track it looks promising. With clear skies and some wind there should be NO PROBLEM racing Thursday evening. There will be some light work to be done before racing can start because we had at least 3 riders on the track this evening. These riders made ruts around the entire track and there are some foot prints in a few spots that will need some attention.
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NO RACES Tonight
The rain has cause a cancellation of the races tonight.
The track is very muddy and is currently not ridable in places due to mud.
With overcast skies tonight (8pm) there has been some drying this afternoon from what sun we did get today. Races are questionable for tomorrow. We will need much bright sun and wind to dry the track.
The drainage work which has continued during the track rebuild has work very well, 98% of the track drains now and we had very very little water standing on the track this morning (11am).
We all hope the weather and the track improves in the next 18 hrs. or so. As of now the Race for Life on Saturday and the State Qualifier on Sunday will occur as scheduled.

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The rain has all but stopped work on the track.
Although the appearance of the track and the area around is looking very good. Even with the upcoming races the track is getting very smooth and we are hearing good remarks about the new obstacles and track lay out. Some of our younger riders are training hard on the track and have this is what we like! THEY ARE HAVING FUN.

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Work Day
Even on this short evening 'Work Day' there was much done today.
More work on turn 1 tonight along with the fence around the track. Not as many people working today as this weekend and more riders on the track tonight as work continued.

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Race / Work Day
The races go on as scheduled today and it was a HOT day all around.
Work continued on the fence and around the track after racing today. Again we had volunteers working all around the track this morning and evening. The 'Bobcat' was busy today everywhere including some work on the drive. THANKS everyone who helped.

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Work Day
Today was a killer Work Day at the track.
We had quite a few volunteers out today working on the track. We worked with the 'Bobcat" most of the day today and the landscaping is looking very good. The drainage ditch we had to dig in the center of the new straight was filled today which means this project is near completion. When the ditch to the 2nd turn is completed and with a good raking this will be finished.

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The Redline Qualifier in Wichita, Kansas is history now!
Only heard a tidbit about them.
Maybe you would like to write an article about these races for the site.
We raced today with a small turn-out of riders. We had a tractor to use today that was donated by Clark Fence Co., THANK YOU!
The track is in the best shape this year now. The HOT races are about to begin here and things are looking better.

The SUPER NATIONALS pictures and article are about finished watch this soon.

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Practice only tonight
The track has some ongoing work again today.
Awesome. Watch here for more news.
With overcast skies and rain on the horizon we had a great practice tonight. Work was focused on the roller going into the 2nd turn. Several new obstacles have had some fine tuning and others had material added.
Drainage work continued between the new straight away and is near completion. Some work was done around the track by a landscape contractor today.

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Another work night
The track was covered with people working again tonight. A few more like tonight and the track will be in fine shape. Thanks everyone for you help.
Awesome practice session tonight. Some of the younger riders are working hard to ride this new track lay out. With the reshaping of some obstacles all riders getting a good experience with the new track.

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Thanks D&K Team and families
Tonight was to have been a private practice for the D&K Bicycles Team it started with some work on parts of the track and ended as a FULL blown work night!
We have a full complement of riders and their family members and friends all working on the track tonight. By far the most people we have had any time lately.
Everyone should give these folks a THANK YOU for their help. A very productive work night. The track is now safer and smoother. We saw some smiles as the newly reshaped obstacles got some passes from the D&K Team riders.

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The SUPER NATIONALS in DeSoto, Texas are history now!
Awesome. Watch here for more news.
With overcast skies and south wind blowing all weekend the weather was as good as it gets.
Everyone had a hard time staying on both wheels, there will be many new jerseys and pants bought after these races.
And last we heard Cody Freels may have broken an arm, we hope not.

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The Super Nationals are this coming weekend at DeSoto Texas, Metroplex BMX.
This is a covered facility and very nice from what we hear. There will be many riders from Sooner Pearl making the trek to Texas for this race. We hope to see you there. We would like to get some group pictures at the race. If you run into Ricky or Richard Axtell please make arrangements to get together for the pictures. And as usual Richard will be taking pictures all weekend long and have them posted here as soon as possible.

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OBMXPA Board Meeting
The Board meeting Tuesday night was a windy event. There was a shuffle or the Board members that evening. Some of the people changed positions or became NEW board members. More on this in the future on the OKBMXPA site.
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OBMXPA Board Meeting
There will be a Board meeting Tuesday night before practice (at 6:30pm) weather permitting.
This meeting will be open to the PUBLIC.
Moto's and News have been posted for May 2nd & May 5th 2002.

Multi-Points Race Info
All the Multi-Points race information has been updated.
Go to the Race Information Page to see the updated schedule.

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Racing has begun.
This thursday evening we will have races as usual.
The track needs much smoothing and packing to be in tip top shape, it is getting there. You can help put the finishing touches on it if you want. Saturday will be a WORK DAY at the track.

Yukon track.
The NEW Yukon track is in the starting stages. WOW, It has a name and what a GREAT name. EXPRESS BMX
Look here for the dirty news on this exciting new place. It is going to be a very nice facility and help better serve the BMX riders of District 1. Nothing like a NEW track!

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More New pictures
New Track Scene Pictures.
Now see FULL 360 of the track taken on April 17th. You can click HERE or go the the Main Picture page to look at them and the other pictures in the archive. Pictures of the track reconstruction.
Want to see how the track is looking, take a look at the newest pictures. You can click HERE or go the the Main Picture page to look at them and the other pictures in the archive.
Work has stopped at the track due to rain.
Sunday the rain should be gone for a couple days. The current work will be on the second new straight, raking, packing of the turns and all the jumps. The last straight is almost formed, it will be ready for finishing work soon.
This is going to be a very different lay-out with a good view from most anywhere around the track.

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New pictures
Pictures of the track reconstruction.
Want to see how the track is looking, take a look at the newest pictures. You can click HERE or go the the Main Picture page to look at them and the other pictures in the archive.

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Closed for Remodeling
Today there will not be races.
The track is under construction and is looking great. The first straight has been built and all the jumps in this run are nearly ready for racing. At noon today I went by the track and the last straight was under construction. The second straight should be completed by Saturday and we may be able to race Sunday if the weather holds for the next couple days.
Everyone should be PROUD of the hard work by all during this project. There will be pictures posted later tonight of the progress so far this week. As the track work continues so does work around the track. Just making the jumps is only a portion of the work to be done. This is going to be a great year at Sooner Pearl.

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The track has officially been closed for re-modeling.
Starting with the track rebuild there are many changes in the works for Sooner Pearl this year and plans for a sister BMX track in Yukon. With all the work around here there can only be better times ahead.
The track rebuild is coming along nicely and soon there will be and NEW challenge for all riders here. The track will have about 80% new lay-out with longer straights and even more and better obstacles with most of the entire track surface getting a little added to the top. We should have a grade "A" track.

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Please attend this meeting!
There will be a meeting of the Yukon City Council Tuesday April 16th, we need to have as many people there as possible to show the City we mean business about a BMX track in the new proposed park in Yukon. There are exciting times ahead in Yukon for all sports. Lets help make ABA BMX one exciting sport to attend there.
We have races!
Even though Mother Nature was not on our side this last week there were races Thursday night. The weather was almost stormy but we managed to have races without a drop of water and no lightning. The track is starting to green up and things are starting to happen.
The decision was made to start the track rework this weekend (April 13,14). If you are interested in volunteering your services in this project by all means come out and have some fun. Who knows maybe you can learn about track construction and build a track in 'your backyard'. It will take a few days for this transformation to occur so come by and see how it is coming along.
Practice Tuesday night is questionable and maybe races Thursday. It depends on the weather more than anything. We think you will like the NEW track and all the work which will be tied around the track rework.

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There was an important meeting Tuesday night. You will hear the 'GOODIES' here. Some of the meeting had information on the purposed BMX track in Yukon. There was preliminary drawings of the park where the track may be located, from the looks of the park it will be a very good place to have a track!
Another item that can out in the meeting was the re-construction of the Sooner Pearl track lay-out. MORE TO COME

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Lake Sooner Pearl?
As you may well know we had some rain this last weekend and the track is a mess. Sunday evening most of the track was under water and most of the infield around the track was under water also. The Sunday races had to be canceled, there will not be practice Tuesday night. If you would like to help clean up around the track Tuesday we could use your help.
Races Thursday are questionable considering the condition of the track today. If we have a clear day or two this could change. Call the track phone for the latest race and practice information.

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Bicycle Shop information
A list of all the local bicycle shops has been added to the site.
Need to find a part or have your rims 'trued'? Look here for the address and phone number to metro shops.
Local Bike Shop Info

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We are having a Track Clean Up Day Saturday March 23 from 3pm - 5pm. Come help make the track a cleaner and safer place for all.
Your help is needed!

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2002 ABA TV news
Want to watch The Sooner Nationals? Click HERE and GET READY TO WATCH home town ABA racing.
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2002 Multiple Point Weekend Races
The 2002 Sooner Pearl BMX Raceway schedule is now available. Click HERE and GET READY FOR FUN racing.
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Sand Springs BMX?
There are a few riders from Sooner Pearl who have been talking about going to Sand Springs to race. Sands Springs now has a web site with current info on race and practice times and dates along with other info about their track.
Click for the Sand Springs track site.

Find more info on the Sand Springs and Waynoka ABA BMX tracks click HERE.

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Oklahoma BMX Parents Association Board
Board meeting this Saturday (March 16, 2002) 5:00pm at:
D& K Bicycles
7024 SE 15th
Midwest City, OK
(405) 732-1803
D&K Bicycles is located about 1/4 mile east of SE 15th and Air Depot. Go east on I-40 to the SE 15th street exit, turn left on SE 15th and go 1-3/4 miles east. The store is on the south side of the street. We look forward to seeing you there!

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A new Message board has been created. Just click HERE. Post and read messages about the track and local riders. And it's FREE, check it out!.
Visit the sister site for Sooner Pearl HERE by Gene Tarpley, he is the moderator of the message board.

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