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This weekend was a test on each and every rider who dared to come to Sand Springs BMX for the races. District OK01 had riders in 5 of the 8 teams which came home with money and some really big SMILES.
Awards were given for the top 8 teams and District OK01 won with the highest number of riders for a District and nearly pulled off a big upset by coming within a few points of winning overall 1 st. The RED NECKS and POOR BOYS came home with nearly double what we brought home last year. Also showing some riders from some of the bigger teams wondering what had snuck up from behind and just who these riders are. The riders were here to race and have fun we all did that along with burning in the hot sun and showing some just what OK01 has in it.

Team Finishes
1 Hurricane
3 Race Girls
4 Burggraf
5 Typhoon
7 Burggraf
Redneck Racing Team
With only 1 rider from outside District OK01 this team had what it takes to make it past the others and win 2nd Place overall and came home with a BIG check and the 2nd Place trophy from the 2003 TEAM CHALLENGE.
District OK01 is the place to be if you want to see these riders and race with them. Every rider rides both Sooner Pearl and Yukon tracks and both tracks are very proud of these riders. With only a Sponsored Team between them and the 1st Place finish these riders were ready to go past all others to WIN and it shows!
It would be a good idea to watch these riders as they have tasted the sweet taste of winning big and they are ready to go to get that ever elusive 1st Place finish every rider wants.
Congratulations to the RED NECK RACING team.

Poor Boy Racing Team
This team with only District OK01 riders worked extra hard to make it to the Final 8th place they received. Last year at this race District OK01 finished the race with only 1 team making it to a position in the top 8 teams. This year with 2 teams in the mix it was another race which saw many District OK01 riders coming across the Finish line in 2nd or 3rd place which got them to the 8th position in the team standings.
Congratulations to the POOR BOY RACING team.

Personal Note
Most people who are heavily involved with the operation of an ABA track for the most part are very much in need of a little encouragement and involvement from both the local riders and parents of the riders.
After being involved now for just 2 years it is apparent most of us are pushing to the line our lives to help make things better for our riders and very seldom do we receive much recognition a THANK YOU or other indication we are doing something right.
This TEAM CHALLENGE was a fine example of what it is like to help at a track. We may not hear much from others but when we see the smiles and hear the laughter, to see riders and proud parents it is enough to make anyone feel fantastic inside and more than OVERWHELMS our own needs. After all it is for this we all strive to reach and it is a GREAT REWARD that many may NEVER experience in a lifetime.
Maybe it is I who should thank you for the opportunity. Our lives are short and we have little time to really enjoy the feelings we are able to enjoy. From myself and everyone who helped this weekend I say.
I also ask that you go to your local track and say these same 2 words to someone who works to enable others to experience a true joy of life or volunteer to help and then you could feel GREAT also.
Thank you,
Richard Axtell

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