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2003 State Qualifier Race Series
Saturday May 17th saw the open of the Oklahoma State Championship Series racing begin at the newest track in the south central region at Yukon BMX Raceway. What a way to start the Series and help celebrate the Grand Opening of this track.
The race was great and the track was in good shape for this race. Things are starting to get done at Yukon and they should be proud of the track as it is shaping up nicely.
There were 86 riders who made it to the race and there were 25 moto's. They had T-shirts and Track stickers For Sale. There was a nice concession stand with hamburgers and hot dogs along with some other mouth watering items to munch on.
It was a GREAT opening race for Yukon BMX and things will only get better there in the future. It won't be long before this track will be one of the best tracks around (of course we will always be partial to Sooner Pearl).

06/15/2003 Sooner Pearl BMX Raceway
State Championship Qualifier
Entry Fee: $20 Open: $10 Sign-ups 10:00am-noon

07/13/2003 Sand Springs BMX
State Championship Qualifier
Entry Fee: $20 Open: $10 Sign-ups 10:00-11:30am
2003 Earned Double Point
Sunday August 24th will be our Earned Double point race. This will be our last multi point race of this season.

08/24/2003 Sooner Pearl BMX Raceway
Earned Double
Entry Fee: $20 Open: $10 Sign-ups 10:00am-noon

07/27/2003 Sand Springs BMX
Earned Double
Entry Fee: $20 Open: $10 Sign-ups 10:00-11:30am
2003 Race for Life
The Race for Life has been a big rider count race here as it is a Double Point race and riders who want points go to them not only to get points but help a track raise money for a good cause.
Now since the ABA has changed it's rules for this race every track must raise at least $2000 in donations in order to get a Double Point Race for Life next year. With the economy the way it is now and may be for some time it will affect how each track will race next year and attract riders who may be willing to drive to race these Double Point races.
With 5 Race for Life races last Sunday in a 500 mile range which race do riders go to race in? With the donation amount at 2 grand the donations will have to come from something other than the race. Here it is pretty hard to get much money donated as it seems there is always someone asking for a donation to a good cause.
Riders and parents will have to get more involved if they want to see this race continue as a Double Point race the at their tracks and it will be work well worth the time and effort.
There were 69 riders with 18 moto's at this race.

05/31/2003 Sand Springs BMX
Race for Life
Entry Fee: $10 Sign-ups 1:00 - 2:30pm

06/14/2003 Yukon BMX Raceway
Race for Life
Entry Fee: $10 Sign-ups 12:00-2:00pm

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