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Current practice schedule will be posted here.
Current RACE times are below and will be in effect till SOONER NATIONALS. A $2.00 fee will be charged for the practice sessions. And of course ALL safety equipment will be required. Practice sessions are open to all riders interested in participating ABA, member or not.

Please call the track to get any last minute news.

Practice days: Monday - Wednesday (this week only)
Start: 6:00PM
End: 8:00PM

Current RACE times are below and will be in effect till SOONER NATIONALS. Riders need to have $5.00 for each race class you would like to race in. And of course ALL safety equipment will be required.

Please call the track before coming to get any last minute news.

Race day: Thursday
Sign ups start: 6:00-7:00PM
MOTO's posted approx : 7:30PM
Races start approx : 8:00PM

Race day: Sunday
No races this weekend due to the SOONER NATIONALS

Sign ups started: 1:00-2:00PM
MOTO's posted: 2:30PM
# of MOTO's: 6
Races started: 3:00pm

... BULLETIN ...
We need your HELP. If you would be interested in helping with work around the track call the track phone number for information on dates and time. We want to THANK all individuals who help our track in this manner.

Other news
With the first race of the year under the belt it was time for the second. Could not have asked for a better day (except for the wind), it was a real beauty. Looks like only local riders made it for this race day.
Again, NO information from the OKC Police regarding the items stolen from the track. There is STILL a reward for information in the matter.
Again there was computer problems, seems the files with the riders info. got lost. A backup copy was found and used to restore most of the files. Some riders information had to be hand entered to restore the files to post MOTO's.
During the time since the last races the was some vandalism of the track by someone driving a small truck or car on the track. There was some deep ruts cut into the 'table-top' where the vehicle driven. A few of the wooden poles have been moved to help stop this action. If you see anyone 'working' on the track please call 911 we have much work ahead to keep the track up every season without help from the vandals and thieves.

Riders statistics will be posted here and current point will be listed here.
Click HERE for Local Riders most current ABA points listing.

Links to MOTO's this week will be posted here.


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