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Current practice schedule will be posted here.
Current RACE times are below and will be in effect till SOONER NATIONALS. A $2.00 fee will be charged for the practice sessions. And of course ALL safety equipment will be required. Practice sessions are open to all riders interested in participating ABA member or not.
Practice day: Saturday
Start: 3:00PM
End: 5:00PM

Current RACE times are below and will be in effect till SOONER NATIONALS. Riders need to have $5.00 for each race class you would like to race in. And of course ALL safety equipment will be required.
Race day: Sunday
Sign ups start: 1:00PM
MOTO's posted approx : 2:00PM
Races start approx : 3:00PM
Mains start approx : 4:00PM

Sign ups started: 1:00PM
MOTO's posted: 3:25PM
# of MOTO's: 15
Races started: 4:00PM
Mains started: 5:00PM

Please be sure and attend the Yukon City Council meeting to show our support to re-locate the track in the Yukon City Sports Complex.
Meeting date: January 15, 2002
Meeting time: 7:30 PM
Location: 5th and ELM (one block south of Main on 5th street on the NW corner)
Location: Two story building, go to the back of the building to enter.

Other news
This was the first race of the track this year. The weather was beautiful for January with the temp about 55 degrees with a light wind from the west. There was many riders who raced today, local riders along with riders from Tulsa.
All the equipment that was stolen from the track around Christmas of 2001 has been replaced in order to race today. There has been NO information from the OKC Police regarding the stolen items.
Races started a little late today due to computer problems. New software was used for the first time this weekend and there was a problem printing the MOTO sheets. Because of this problem MOTO sheets had to be hand written before posting. This problem should be corrected before next weeks races.
As noted above we are looking for a new location for the track. This is due to the relocation of Interstate 40. It seems the new location will be along the north side of the North Canadian river and since the track is just north of the river the track will have to be moved. As of this date the City of Oklahoma City has not indicated it had a new location for the track so we are looking at all options and considering relocating at many places in the Metro area.
There was a BOARD MEETING after the races finished today.
Several topics were discussed, relocating the track, concession procurement arrangements, allowing D&K Bikes to use the track for team practice sessions. These 'team' practice sessions may be open to all registered riders. The schedule for these sessions are to be announced.

Riders statistics will be posted here and current point will be listed here.
Click HERE for Local Riders most current ABA points listing.

Links to MOTO's this week will be posted here.


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